Would you like to achieve interesting appreciation offered by investing in global financial markets but you are lacking sufficient knowledge and time to follow their trends? All you have to do is to pick up some of our mutual funds we have on offer. More information only in czech.

Our clients mostly purchase the following types of funds:

 Bond funds

Bond funds are suitable for more cautious investors who wish to fulfil their short-term and medium-term targets. Their yields exceed in the long run those of deposit accounts or term deposits and their price fluctuation risk is low.

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Mixed funds

Mixed funds suit medium-term to long-term investors, who wish to invest in the horizons of five to eight years. Price fluctuation risk is higher than the case is with bonds, and it depends on the ratio of the size of the bond portion in the portfolio. Higher yields may be expected in the long run than bond funds can offer.

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Equity funds

Equity funds serve investments mainly in equities, and therefore they offer potentials of very interesting appreciation. Nevertheless, those funds potentially suffer substantial fluctuations in their prices; therefore, longer investment horizons are recommended in order to offset such fluctuations.

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Other funds