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Shares, ETF, mutual funds and investment certificates in a single application

The Raiffeisen investing application offers the opportunity to invest in more than a thousand investment instruments directly from your mobile phone.

The filter of investment products

Don´t know what investment to pick? Use the Filter of Investment Products to create investment portfolio to your liking.

One-time or regular investments starting at CZK 100

To start investing with the Raiffeisen investing application you need just one hundred crowns. It´s you who will choose how much and for how long you want to invest. 

Download the mobile app



Modern design and simple overview of your investments 

Easy and comfortable account opening

Using the Raiffeisen Investing app, you can open an investment contract. Everything is made simple and online. All you need to do is check your personal details, fill in the investment questionnaire, complete the activation and sign the contract. You can start appreciating your money within 10 minutes of downloading the app.

If you already invest with Raiffeisenbank, you can start managing your investments using the Raiffeisen Investing mobile app. Just download and activate the app via Raiffeisen mobile banking.

Easy and comfortable account opening

Simple and intuitive use

The Raiffeisen investing application is structured in a way to bring the world of investments as close as possible to you. 

So that you can invest at a click of a button. You can confirm all transactions with your PIN and/or use fingerprint or facial recognition.

Simple and intuitive use

Smart overview

A sound management of your investments is based on a simple and well-structured overview. 

The app will show you how your entire portfolio develops as well as how each individual title you own is doing. You can display the nearest date of your upcoming regular investment, or see what dividends or interest has been paid to you. 

Smart overview

Products available to invest in 

Mutual funds 

Mutual funds represent a simple way of appreciating your funds. Your money paid to the mutual fund is managed by experienced managers, who them invest them on financial markets. You can choose from a wide range of bond funds, mixed funds, equity funds as well as alternative funds.

Mutual funds 

Investment certificates 

Investment certificates are an interesting way to diversify your investment portfolio. The initial investment usually starts at CZK 1,000. Some types of investment certificates may provide protection of the invested amount, while others may enable you to realize profits when financial markets are falling. 


Investment certificates 

Shares and ETF 

Mobile app allows the investors to invest in the individual shares and ETFs. The offer contains shares from all over the world and from various industries. Some joint stock companies also distribute to their investors their profits in the form of dividends. 

A wide offer of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) represents the option to invest in several assets (e.g. shares, bonds or commodities) at once. ETFs are considered to be an effective and low-cost way to appreciate your funds. 

Shares and ETF 

What are you interested in

What are you interested in

Preview of mobile application 

Below you will find a preview of the new mobile application Raiffeisen investing. 

RB investice

You can see clearly how your investments are doing on main screen. The graph shows the current value of your portfolio compared to the total investment made.

You can find list of titles in your portfolio or information about your regular investments lower on main screen.  

Pravidelné investice

You can simply appreciate your money with regular investments. All you need to do is to choose how often and how much you will put aside. In the Regular Investments overview you can see the current value of your investments, how much has already been invested as well as the current profit/loss.  

Detail produktu

The product detail displays graph with the development of its value. The overview shows information about the investment product, the issuer or the last known price. There is product documentation to each investment product.


Notification for investors 

Investments in financial instruments are not bank deposits and are not insured under the deposit insurance fund. The higher is the expected return the higher is the potential risk. Duration of the investment affects the level of risk. The return also fluctuates due to fluctuations in exchange rates. The value of the amount invested in a financial instrument and the gain therefrom may rise or fall and return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Due to unpredictable fluctuations and events on the financial markets and the risk of investment instruments, the achievement of the client's stated investment goal may not be guaranteed. Remuneration and expenses of Raiffeisenbank a.s., agreed in the contractual documents, or remuneration and fees listed in the Price List of Remunerations and Fees of Raiffeisenbank a.s. must be deducted from the investment income. Taxation of customer´s assets always depends on the personal situation of the customer and may change. Raiffeisenbank a.s. does not provide tax consultancy. Therefore, responsibility arising from taxation consequences of investment lies fully with the customer. The offer may not be made to a customer defined as a US person. Raiffeisenbank a.s. does not provide tax consultancy. Therefore, responsibility arising from taxation consequences of investment in the investment service described above lies fully with the investor.