• FREE maintenance without any conditions

  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs of any bank in the CR at no charge

  • Credit card and debit card MasterCard STANDARD maintenance

What else you get for FREE

  • 1% off the interest rate of your Hypotéka na bydlení

  • Higher interest applied to your saving account Spořící účet XL

  • Interest-free reserve of CZK 1,000 to prevent unauthorized account overdraft

  • Unlimited number of EUR foreign payments within the EU

  • Instant payments done in seconds between banks supporting the service

  • Account control using our Mobilní eKonto application

Detailed product information

Our account gives you common banking services FREE of charge without any conditions - that is the main benefit of CHYTRÝ účet. However, there is much more.

Up to 18 currencies under one account number

CHYTRÝ účet is a multicurrency account. This means that you can hold up to 18 other currencies in the account in addition to the Czech crown, such as EUR, USD or GBP. Everything is available to you in our user-friendly Internet Banking.

Convenient mobile phone payments

Make convenient, easy and secure payments using your mobile phone. You can add your Raiffeisenbank cards to the Apple Pay and RaiPay applications. Just download the app to your mobile phone and add the cards you wish to use.