Credit cards

Credit cards allow you to shop right now. You use the bank’s money and save your own. Additionally, you can get attractive discounts and rewards for your purchases. Choose and enjoy fast and secure contactless payment

STYLE Credit Card

Would you like the best card for your purchases? The Kreditní karta STYLE will return some of the money you spend on your purchases.

  • You will get up to CZK 129 back on your purchases monthly
  • DISCOUNTS with the program PREMIUM RB CLUB
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DE LUXE Credit Card

Would you like a credit card and prestigious benefits? Look no further. In addition to the usual benefits, the Kreditní karta DE LUXE offers greater convenience and luxury service.  

  • You will get up to CZK 250 back on your purchases monthly
  • The attractive KOMFORT, Autoasistence, and other insurance packages INCLUDED
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EASY Credit Card

Would you like a card for which you pay nothing? Do you like to shop with discounts? We have the Kreditní karta EASY, with many benefits for you.

  • Maintenance of Kreditní karta EASY FREE OF CHARGE   
  • DISCOUNTS with the program PREMIUM RB CLUB

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O2 RB card

Up to 40 % off services provided by O2 Czech Republic, a. s. and O2 Family, s. r. o. and other exclusive benefits with your O2 RB karta.

  • Discount of up to 40 % on your O2 bill
  • Automated payment of the O2 bill by direct debit from the card
  • Comfort Light insurance package included
  • Interest-free period of up to 55 days
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Enjoy benefits and discounts at every step

  • Up to 2000 Kč back for your first purchase on

(for new Raiffeisenbank clients)

  • Credit limit up to 600 000 CZK
  • Contactless card, save your time
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ČSA kreditní karta

Do you want to receive bonus air tickets and use family travel insurance during the year?

  • The initial bonuses as much as much as 20,000 miles to the loyalty programmes OK Plus of the Czech Airlines
  • Family travel insurance with the insurance coverage as much as CZK 2,000,000 in the price of the card
  • 4 miles for each CZK 100 paid by a card or withdrawn from the ATM
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