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Benefits of regular investments

Investment amounts starting at        100 CZK
Even a small amount lets you start investing in mutual funds to create a reserve for unexpected expenses or to turn your dreams into reality.

Regular investments in mutual funds are available even to those who are completely new to investments. You do not need to be an expert or keep track of the financial markets to invest with us.

Higher yield potential
From the long-term perspective, the yield potential of regular investments in mutual funds exceeds that of savings accounts or building saving schemes where the yield rate is limited.

Flexible and readily available
You may place, adjust or terminate your regular investments online as you require. You do not need to worry about unexpected expenses; your invested money is usually available within one week.

TIP: Regular investments also benefit from cost averaging

With financial markets declining, prices of mutual fund units tend to decline as well. The regularly invested amount thus lets you buy more units. On the contrary, when the markets go up, prices of fund units rise and we buy less units for the same amount. In the long term, these fluctuations combined with regular investments result in cost averaging. Having this principle in mind, you do not need to think about the best moment to start your investments; anytime is the best time to start with regular investments.

Let’s make regular investments


Sign in to your banking

Sign in to your internet banking and click on “Investments” to open the RBroker application.

Use RBroker application

Choose “Regular investment” from the top left menu in RBroker. Then, choose the mutual fund, amount and frequency of your regular investment and easily certify the instruction using your mobile phone.

Contact your banker

If you need assistance, contact your attending banker using the details provided in your mobile application in the lower right corner under “Contacts”.


Frequently asked questions


Notice to investors

Full names of investment funds and other information, including information about the method of issuing and redeeming fund units, fees and associated risks, Key Information Documents and fund statutes in respect of funds managed by Raiffeisen investiční společnost a.s. are available in the Czech language, while in respect of mutual funds managed by other investment firms the above are available in English (mutual fund statutes) and Czech (Key Investor Information Documents), all on the website at or Specific notices regarding the particular funds of Raiffeisen investiční společnost a.s. and performance fees applied in relation to such funds are available in the given fund sections of the website at and here.

Financial instruments such as units issued by mutual funds (or investments in such financial instruments) are not bank deposits and are not insured under the deposit insurance fund. Trading financial instruments is associated with a number of risk factors that may affect the return on investing in the particular financial instrument. The value of the amount invested in a financial instrument and the gain therefrom may rise or fall and return of the originally invested amount is not guaranteed. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Expected performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The return on an investment in units of a mutual fund denominated in a particular currency may rise or fall as a result of fluctuating foreign exchange rates.

Raiffeisenbank, a.s. does not provide tax/accounting/legal advice, and thus the liability associated with the tax/accounting/legal consequences of investing in financial instruments rests fully with the investor. The provision of investment services by Raiffeisenbank a.s. is not intended for US persons.