• Upload payment orders directly from your accounting system
  • Always keep a view of the placed orders and their status
  • Download account statements in files for further processing in your accounting and economic software

We're replacing the eKomunikátor service

We’re replacing the eKomunikátor service with the batch payments which are part of the new Internet banking. Now in the application you can easily and clearly enter payment orders from your accounting system or download statements.

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Product information

eCommunicator is a simple tool to interconnect your bank account and accounting or economic software.
e-Communicator lets you make the following operations:

  • place and sign a batch of domestic payment orders
  • place and sign a batch of domestic direct debit orders
  • place and sign a batch of foreign payment orders
  • send orders to the bank for payment by postal money orders to the payee’s address
  • monitor batch payment orders sent to the bank and their processing status
  • download account statements in ABO or Gemini formats

Individual payment order authorizations and limits (such as one-time, daily or monthly limits) or a list of counter-accounts to make payments and other settings can be applied to specific users.

Payment orders and account statements can be printed from eKomunikátor in a convenient form.

Specific often repeated payment orders can have an assigned name and can be saved as a template. When making the next payment, you just choose the order from your templates and send it for processing.

To get access to eCommunicator, you need:

  • Windows-based computer meeting basic security criteria
  • Internet connection
  • Accounting system supporting generation of payment orders and import of account statements in the ABO or GEMINI format

Install eCommunicator application