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You can atrract new customers from the Czech Republic and abroad
You can increase the number of purchases and sales volume
Cashless purchases will be credited to your operating account quickly
You can reduce costs and time needed for cash payments

Product information

With Raiffeisenbank’s payment terminal, you will get access to additional benefits and services and can even obtain our other products.

Additional benefits

  • A variable solution based on the goods sold and type of merchant
  • Fast crediting – card transactions are credited to the account held with Raiffeisenbank on the next business day
  • Crediting of card transactions to your account with Raiffeisenbank – each transaction is credited separately without any
  • charge for incoming payments
  • Permanent overview of card transactions on your account
  • Installation process includes training for merchant staff and instructions for payment card acceptance
  • The payment terminal may be joined to your cash register system and accounting

Supplementary services

  • Multicurrency – allows payments in other currencies (EUR, USD, GBP), 
  • Optional variable symbols –identification card transactions by an identification symbol.
  • Electronic statement of card transactions in text format with a fixed structure – suitable for data transfer to accounting systems.

Description of the payment product through payment terminals 

By signing an agreement on payment card acceptance with Raiffeisenbank, you join a worldwide network of card associations. Whether you are a new or an established company, you can immediately enjoy benefits related to payment card acceptance.

Increased sales

Customers who pay by card spend more than those who pay in cash. Moreover, they choose more expensive goods and buy things they originally did not plan to buy.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are more satisfied because they can pay the way they prefer. ATM withdrawals and cash payments are more expensive and time consuming. If you allow your customers to pay by card, they will prefer your business and will be more likely to return.


A lower share of cash payments reduces cash-related risks (theft, counterfeit money).

Currency conversion

The Multicurrency service lets you clear all payments in the currency you normally use in your business. You do not pay any conversion fees. Moreover, card payments are more advantageous for foreigners than cash.

Rules for payment card acceptance

You can accept payment cards via the Raiffeisenbank payment terminal. We offer our partners payment terminals that accept MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, American Express, Diners Club and Chinas UnionPay, including contactless technology. You can lease your payment terminal from Raiffeisenbank, or rent it for free. We will suggest one of these variants and specific price terms based on your completed questionnaire for payment card acceptance.

Basic conditions for payment card acceptance

  • A business (a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur) registered in the Czech Republic
  • Extract from the Commercial Register (not older than 3 months)
  • Acorporate account 

Types of payment terminals


  • Suitable for most stores
  • Connection type – Internet, , SIM card (O2CZ, T-Mobile, Vodafone)


  • Suitable for restaurants
  • Payment terminal with a fixed based (communication via Bluetooth), Internet connection

Mobile (GPRS):

  • Recommended when Internet or a phone line are not available
  • Payment card acceptance off-site – e.g. exhibitions, distribution of goods
  • Connection – SIM card (mobile provider chosen by the merchant) 


  • Suitable for self-service devices (fuelling machines, ticket vending machines, etc.)
  • Connection – Internet, SIM card (mobile provider chosen by the merchant)