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We help you establish and apply functional structures
Our solutions are always based on a thorough analysis of your company in the context of the entire market
We respect your requirements and identify new possibilities offered by the market
We help to point you to the right direction during strategic decisions


We analyse and establish your corporate strategy to increase its efficiency in the following areas:

Support for strategic and investment decisions

  • Independent analysis of the company
  • Optimization and restructuring of capital use (financial capital, working capital)
  • Optimization of financial activities
  • Management of expense items in the budget
  • Simplification of the corporate structure
  • Preparation of post-integration plans
  • Company revitalisation
  • Classified loans and analyses
  • Optimal exit planning

Transaction structuring

We help you optimize operations, set your investment strategy and use capital efficiently. We propose a suitable transaction structure and define its steps, including deadlines. The subsequent project management and coordination of other projects is an important part of this.

Start-up consulting

We help you to launch new projects. We prepare a high-quality business plan and ensure optimal financing. We identify appropriate strategic and financial partners for your project.

Due diligence

We analyse important market sectors in the context of the financial and business plan of your company and suggest areas to focus on in the future. We will perform due diligence of a company you are interested in buying. We will alert you to risk, valuate the target company and give you valuable input for preparing purchase documentation.

Preparing a tailor-made business plan

We will prepare a business plan that is appropriate for both investors and bank institutions.

Contact information of the responsible employee:
Jakub Hamr
Corporate Finance Specialist Senior
Phone: +420 234 40-1868
Cell: +420 606 785794