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You can invest in development or take over a company although you lack resources of your own

You can get more funding than a single bank would be able to provide

Consultancy in the planning and implementation of your project

A single set of loan documents that simplifies administration


Structured finannce, mergers and aquisitions financing, syndicated loans are very specialised products for corporate clients, which are processed on an individual basis according to the specific conditions of each specific transaction.

Structured financing

For situations that cannot be solved using standard products and procedures. Such situations include major expansion resulting from acquiring another company, partner transactions, export financing, etc. The evaluation of such an application and the approval of the volume of financing follow up on an analysis of the current activities of the company/group and its financial flows. It involves a combination of various types of product lines and products to achieve an optimal structure for financing the company (including daughter companies in consolidated groups).

Mergers and aquisitions financing

A type of structured financing. It is recommended for the acquisition of the target company if you do not have enough resources of your own to finance the whole transaction or if you do not want to finance it solely from your own resources. The beneficiary is usually an SPV company in which you, as an investor, invest a certain portion of your own resources, while the rest is covered from the bank loan. The financial flows of the company being acquired are used to repay the acquisition loan.

Syndicated and club financing

Some financing requirements cannot be addressed with a loan from a single bank for various reasons. In such a case, you can use syndicated or club financing. These are loans provided by two or more banks with a single loan agreement. This allows the use of the benefits of a single loan agreement, a single margin as well as unified and simple administration. A syndicated loan is an ideal solution if it is difficult or impossible to distribute the security among individual creditors.