• You can set weekly limits as you need

  • Quick, simple and secure contactless payments

  • You can choose a card according to your needs

Product information

Learn about the many benefits that debit cards offer:

DebitELECTRON card:
GOLD card:
  ELECTRON debit card STANDARD debit card PREMIUM debit card GOLD debit card
Association VISA VISA / MasterCard VISA / MasterCard VISA
Card type
electronic embossed embossed embossed gold
Maintenance fee CZK 45/month CZK 65/month CZK 135/month CZK 245/month
Contactless payments
no VISA no MasterCard yes VISA no MasterCard yes no
E-commerce transactions yes yes yes yes
Cash back yes yes yes yes
Cash Advance yes yes yes yes
Insurance of misuse ZÁKLAD optional optional optional included
Insurance of misuse PLUS optional optional optional optional
Travelling insurance optional optional included included
Information SMS
yes yes yes yes
Standard weekly limits
Cashless transactions CZK 70,000 Cashless transactions CZK 150,000 Cashless transactions CZK 300,000 Cashless transactions CZK 500,000
Cash transactions CZK 30,000 Cash transactions CZK 50,000 Cash transactions CZK 100,000 Cash transactions CZK 150,000


Keep track of your account

Information service is available for each card issued on your account. SMS or e-mails will alert you to any movement on your account. You will have a perfect overview of your finances without having to ask. Click here for more information.

It is easy to become a debit card holder. What do you need?

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • A business or corporate account at Raiffeisenbank

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