Currency risk management

By using Raiffeisenbank services, you can avoid risks related to exchange rate fluctuations.

FX conversion

Do you need to convert funds in one currency to another within a very short period (0 to 3 days)? Use our FX conversion.

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FX forward

Would you like to convert funds in one currency to another with future settlement (3 days to 3 years)? This product is tailored precisely to your needs.

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Would you like to perform your Spot and Forward transactions online? Use our RoBoT trading platform, where all transactions are executed in real time.

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FX Options

Do you want to hedge against adverse development of the exchange rate and still have the chance to profit from favourable development? Use our FX options.

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Currency SWAP

Do you need to bridge insufficient liquidity in one currency compared to another one? Use Currency swap.

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