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Do you supply goods or services and are looking for convenient, high-quality payment security? Do you want to be certain that your supplier ships goods of the required quality before you pay? Use Documentary letter of credit.

Benefits for the buyer (applicant):

  • The buyer has the certainty that the payment will be made after all conditions are met as specified in the letter of credit
  • The buyer thus pressure the seller to deliver goods of the desired quality and within the term specified in the letter of credit.
  • High-quality payment security may result in better price terms for the buyer
  • You can use import financing by up to one year

Benefits for the seller (beneficiary)

  • The payment  of the buyer is guaranteed by the issuing bank / confirming bank. The bank guarantees to the seller that the payment will be made after all conditions are met as specified in the letter of credit 
  • The seller´s  bank can also add confirmation of an export letter of credit, with with it undertakes to pay the credited amount upon presentation of documents in accordance with the conditions specified  in the letter of credit
  • We offer financing associated with the use of L/C – postfinancing under L/C payable at sight or financing of receivables (forfaiting) without recourse to the seller under L/C with deferred payment
  • Option of assignment of proceeds or a part thereof by the seller to a third party/subcontractor

A letter of credit represents an irrevocable written commitment on the part of the bank to pay the seller of goods or services to pay the amount defined in the L/C conditions. It only comes into force if the beneficiary presents the documents as specified in of the L/C during the period of its validity.

  • Uniform international rules govern letters of credit
  • Bank fees can be variably divided between business partners

A letter of credit is recommended in situations where the buyer is expected to submit documents that prove the ownership of goods, document their quantity, quality etc.

We offer the following types of letters of credit:

  • Import and export letter of credit
  • Transferable and standby letter of credit 

By using a letter of credit issued by Raiffeisenbank, you will get a number of other services and benefits:

  • Expert advice on L/C preparation and on L/C documents
  • Framework agreement for easy issuance of recurring import letters of credit
  • Backed by the successful international Raiffeisen Group