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RB Key benefits

Higher security when signing in and confirming operations in internet banking

Saved time - you do not have to retype lengthy SMS codes; quickly verify your identity when contacting the call centre

Easier management of your finance with modern technology using biometrics (fingerprints, Face ID)

Secure online payments

RB Key in Raiffeisen bankovnictví

RB Key services can be used directly in your Raiffeisen bankovnictví without the need to install any other application.

RB key Raiffeisenbank

RB Key functions can be launched from the opening screen before signing in to the application.

RB key Raiffeisenbank

RB Key can be opened from the application menu once you have signed in.

RB key Raiffeisenbank

The preferred RB Key for a particular application can be activated in Settings.

Signing in to internet banking using RB Key

If you have downloaded and activated your RB Key, you can sign in to internet banking easily and with maximum security, regardless of whether your phone is connected to the internet or not.

RB key Raiffeisenbank

Always use our website at to sign in to internet banking. After clicking the blue “Login” button, a box appears. Choose the RB Key tab, type in the required data and click “Sign in”.

RB klíč Raiffeisenbank

If you are connected to the internet, you will receive a notification to the RB Key application, which is to be confirmed and authenticated using your PIN or biometrics. Once authenticated successfully, you will sign in automatically.

RB klíč Raiffeisenbank

If your telephone is not connected to the internet, click “Mobile device without data connection”. Open the RB Key application, tap the camera icon in the bottom right corner and read the QR code. Confirm the operation by typing in your PIN or using biometrics. Then retype the authentication code and click “Sign in”.

Stand-alone application - RB klíč

If you do not use Mobilní eKonto yet, you can benefit from the services of RB Key in a stand-alone application.


Aplikace pro Android

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google play

Download your RB Key

Sign in and confirm operations in internet banking easily and with maximum security.

Aplikace pro IOS

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App Store

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