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You can gain new customers from the Czech Republic and abroad and increase the number of purchases and sales volume
You can accept card payments 24 hours a day
Cashless purchases will be credited to your operating account quickly
High payment security (3D Secure)

Product information

E-commerce from Raiffeisenbank provides you additional benefits and services. You can also obtain our other products related to card acceptance on the Internet.

Additional benefits

  • Fast crediting. Card transactions are credited to the account held with Raiffeisenbank on the next business day
  • Crediting card transactions to your account with Raiffeisenbank – each transaction is credited separately without any charge for incoming payments
  • Permanent overview of card transactions on your account
  • Simple implementation in your system (e-shop) and extension of payment methods by MasterCard Mobile and MasterPass

Supplementary services

  • Multicurrency – allows payments in foreign currencies (EUR, USD, GBP)
  • MasterCard Mobile Payments and MasterPass – modern payments through a smartphone application
  • Repeated payments – repeated simplified payments are possible (useful for mobile providers and insurance companies)
  • FastPay – a simplified version of card payments for e-shop customers
  • Push payments – an ideal service for paying invoices using the QR code
  • Electronic statement of card transactions in text format with a fixed structure – suitable for data transfer to accounting systems

Description of the payment product through e-commerce

By signing an agreement on payment card acceptance on the Internet with Raiffeisenbank, you will join a worldwide network of card associations. Whether you are a new or an established company, you can immediately enjoy benefits related to payment card acceptance. Compared to existing methods of payment card acceptance over the Internet that do not use any security mechanisms other than SSL encryption, this method offers high security to both the cardholder and the merchant.

Increased sales

Customers who pay by card spend more than those who pay in cash. Moreover, they often choose more expensive goods because they compare prices with those in brick and mortar shops.

Customer satisfaction

Customers are more satisfied because they use a preferred payment method they know from brick and mortar shops. If you allow your customers to pay by card, they will prefer your business and will be more likely to return. The implementation of additional services can further increase their convenience.


We operate e-commerce payments in cooperation with GPE (Global Payments Europe) and employ the most secure standards established by the VISA and MasterCard card associations. These standards are collectively known as 3D Secure and associations present them under the brands Verified by VISA (VBV), MasterCard SecureCode, and Diners Club International ProtectBuy. In simple terms, merchants do not have access to customers’ card information. If the issuing bank also supports 3D Secure, the cardholder is authenticated during the payment transaction.

Currency conversion

The Multicurrency service lets you clear all payments in the currency you normally use in your business. You do not pay any conversion fees. Moreover, card payments are more advantageous for foreigners than cash.

MasterCard Mobile, MasterPass

The GP webpay payment gateway supports MasterCard Mobile and MasterPass – secure and universal payment methods with cards guaranteed by MasterCard. These methods can be used with all business partners of Raiffeisenbank who have an Internet payment gateway by Global Payments Europe (a partner of Raiffeisenbank). These methods will be automatically displayed at these shops to clients who specify that they wish to pay by card.
To use MasterCard Mobile and MasterPass, you need an application for mobile devices with iOS and Android that can be downloaded free of charge at Google Play and the App Store.

Basic conditions for payment card acceptance

  • A business (a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur) registered in the Czech Republic
  • Extract from the Commercial Register (not older than 3 months)
  • A regular corporate account