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Payment holiday during the construction for up to 24 months (interest capitalisation is possible)
Instalment plan for up to 15 years.
Loan in a foreign currency is possible, depending on the currency of the future returns.
Consultancy in financial preparation and professional project management.


Project financingby Raiffeisenbank will help you implement your investment plans without requiring all the financial resources at the beginning. You will also get:
  • An independent expert opinion on your investment plan.
  • Financing adapted to a specific project.

Project financing means individually assessed financing. It consists of a detailed analysis of the preparation and implementation of the project, including the feasibility of the returns. The returns are usually the main source for repaying the loan and interest. The loan can be used to finance the acquisition or construction of commercial and residential property or specific production units (e.g. in the field of renewable energy) in the Czech Republic.

Typical financed projects:

Production units – large investment plans in various areas, in particular in energy, renewable energy, infrastructure, telecommunications, etc.

Property – financing development projects, including residential ones, the acquisition of commercial property or a property portfolio etc.

Typical drawing types:

  • Gradual (for construction, reconstruction, modernisation, or revitalisation) – based on invoices or other documents that prove the work that has been performed and have been approved by an external expert of the bank.
  • One-time (for the purchase and acquisition or refinancing obligations related to the subject of the loan) – to the escrow account of the debtor or another account, depending on the method of sale (e.g. to the account of an auctioneer).

The interest rate is usually agreed as:

  • Floating – the sum of a floating benchmark rate PRIBOR, EURIBOR, LIBOR in USD for the respective interest period and a fixed spread
  • Fixed – for the respective interest period (1 to 15 years) with regard to the schedule for the repayment of the principal.

The interest rate for the use period may differ from that for the repayment period. Moreover, interest can be capitalised in the former period.


  • All the assets of the company being financed, in particular the subject of the financing (e.g. property) or security assignment of the technologies being financed.
  • Pledging shares or equity in the company being financed.

The maturity is at most 15 years, and it must not exceed the life cycle of the investment.

Repayments can be linear, in annuities, or irregular, depending on your possibilities and needs. Repayments can be deferred during the construction by up to 24 months from the signing of the agreement.


  • The applicant is authorised to do business in the Czech Republic and has experience with similar investments.
  • The client must be a dedicated company that only operates the facility being financed.
  • The applicant must submit in particular a financial plan, construction schedule, and work contract or sale agreement accepted by the bank and prove the sources of future revenue.
  • Signing the loan agreement and the security documentation.
  • Satisfying the conditions precedent.
  • Documents that prove the purpose of the loan must always be submitted along with the application. For construction, an independent expert usually verifies the actual volume of work performed.