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Source of financing for commercial property, machinery, equipment, means of transport, and other technologies
Repayment deferral by up to 24 months. Instalment plan for up to 15 years
Fixed rate for a period you can choose; you can use our services to handle the interest risk
The loan can be used in a foreign currency


We offer support and expertise in the field of financing company development including the use of EU sources, advantageous ČMZRB products, and capital advice.
  • Consultancy in financial preparation and professional project management.
  • Identifying suitable subsidies or investment incentives.
  • The loan can be obtained even without property collateral.
  • You can use the benefits that follow from Raiffeisenbank’s cooperation with the European Investment Fund, Czech and Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank, and the Support and Guarantee Farming and Forestry Fund.

Short-, medium-, or long-term loan intended to finance the purchase of fixed assets, i.e. investments. In particular:

  • Purchase of finished buildings (non-manufacturing and manufacturing buildings) with built-up and functionally related land.
  • Investment construction (non-manufacturing and manufacturing buildings). Important conditions for financing the construction from the loan:
    • Ownership of the respective land and its pledge in favour of Raiffeisenbank.
    • Approval of the required building documentation by the planning office.
    • Issuance of a building permit by the planning office.
  • Purchase of tangible assets – machinery, equipment, means of transport.
  • Purchase of long-term intangible assets (software, valuable rights). This mainly concerns the purchase of licences or other rights. The delivery may include related services – training, consultation, implementation etc.
  • Purchase of a share in a company. To assess the value of the share, Raiffeisenbank requires documents to prepare a rating of the company being purchased, or expert appraisal by a competent appraiser. The purchase of a share in a company cannot be secured by the assets of the company being purchased unless the legal requirements for financial assistance are fulfilled.
  • Purchase of a plant (within the meaning of Section 2175 ff. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The New Civil Code). The purchase of a plant is a modification of the purchase of a share. The loan for the purchase of a plant can be secured by the property being purchased.

 The loan can be drown at once or gradually.

  • The money is credited to the supplier or seller on the basis of documents – an invoice or purchase agreement.
  • Exceptionally, the money can be credited to the client’s current account (the purpose is verified later, or the purpose is to refinance the client’s own resources expended in the past).

The interest rate is usually agreed as:

  • Floating – the sum of a floating benchmark rate PRIBOR, EURIBOR, LIBOR in USD for the respective interest period and a fixed contractual surcharge
  • Fixed – for the respective interest period (1 to 15 years) with regard to the schedule for the repayment of the principal.


  • The loan is usually secured by security assignment of the technologies being financed or by a pledge of the property being financed or other property. We also use ČMZRB guarantees as security. A variant is Investment loan with EU support, where the EIF guarantee is used as security. We will explain the specific security requirements upon analysing your financial results.

The maturity period is at most 15 years but it must correspond to the life cycle of the investment.

Repayments can be linear, in annuities, or irregular, depending on your possibilities and needs. Repayments can be deferred by up to 24 months from the signing of the agreement.


  • The applicant is authorised to do business in the Czech Republic.
  • Approval of the loan application. We usually require standard documents to accompany the loan application, typically, financial statements, an annual report, an auditor’s report (if any), etc.
  • Signing a loan agreement.
  • Satisfying the conditions precedent.
  • You usually have to submit documents that prove the purpose of the loan, such as invoices, purchase agreements, etc.