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We valuate your company.
We perform an independent review of the bid price for your company.
We assess your strategic plans.
We help you choose steps to maximize value.


Owners, managers and investors need to know the value of their project as well as ways to increase it. Raiffeisenbank specialists will prepare a comprehensive financial and operating model of your company or project to perform a realistic market valuation and to test various scenarios. Financial models contain both static and dynamic data and are designed to give you the most comprehensive amount of data useful for informed commercial or financial decisions.

Financial analysis

We will prepare a comprehensive financial overview of the company, especially in these areas:

  • Analysis of assets and liabilities
  • Cash flow model
  • Analysis of current financial covenants
  • Analysis of debt capacity
  • Financial valuation based on DCF
  • Financial valuation based on market comparison
  • Comparison with competitors

Cash flow analysis

We analyse expected cash flows in your company. A qualified estimate of future income is an important aspect of the overall valuation, which is a prerequisite for any major business or strategic decisions.

Analysis of debt capacity

We analyse and examine your cash flows, identify your capacity for further debt financing (investments, operations, acquisitions) and uncover reserves in the company’s financial operations.

Financial planning

We prepare various scenarios of the financial development of your company, including:

  • stress tests
  • optimization of working capital
  • modelling of revenues and expenses
  • considering the impact of changes in financial and capital markets
  • cost optimization
  • use of capital and choosing the optimum financial management of the company
  • analysis of a wide range of risks


Using the following methods, we prepare a comprehensive valuation of your company, divisions and new projects while testing various development scenarios using the following methods:

  • DCF – valuation based on discounted cash flows
  • Valuation method based on performed transactions
  • Valuation method based on similar companies traded on capital markets

Contact information of the responsible employee:
Jakub Hamr
Corporate Finance Specialist Senior
Phone: +420 234 40-1868
Cell: +420 606 785794