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The account can be used for various types of transactions
Fee and interest terms will be set according to your requirements and the specifics of your transactions
The Tied account can be opened in CZK or in a foreign currency
Funds can be deposited in cash or by bank transfer

Product information

Funds are held in the Tied account until the conditions as agreed in the contract are fulfilled. Both contracting parties can be confident that the money will be subsequently paid out to the beneficiary and that the transaction will be executed according to mutually agreed terms.

Typical transactions for which you can use your Tied account:

  • Purchase, sale or transfer of your share in a company
  • Real estate purchase
  • Real estate purchase with mortgage
  • Refinancing a loan made by another entity

What do you need to open a Tied account?

  • Proof of identity of the representatives of both contracting parties
  • Original or certified copy of business licence or an extract from the Commercial Register or another register, or another business certificate (not older than 3 months)
  • Additional documents needed to sign an agreement on the Tied account depending on the transaction (e.g. an agreement between the contracting parties with certified signatures, extract from the real estate register)

    General Business Terms and Conditions
    Product Terms and Conditions