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Financing the contract in the production phase without having to request a higher advance payment from the buyer
The loan can be paid off from the revenue, or follow-up financing of the related receivable
Possibility to win contracts that are very demanding in terms of financing
Individually structured loan based on the parameters of your contract


This short- or mid-term loan serves for defined-purpose financing of operating needs that are related to the production and completion of the purchase contract concluded between the client and its customer.  The loan is provided in Czech crowns or a foreign currency.

Loan parameters:

  • The loan is usually used gradually depending on the schedule of production costs accrual, respecting the limits set out in the calculation of production costs.
  • Specific required documents (depending on the loan conditions):
    • a copy of a valid and effective purchase contract
    • calculation of contract cost
    • schedule of expense production costs accrual and cash flow
    • documents defining the purpose of the loan
  • The loan is payable as of the date of the receivable arising from the contract, from the follow-up financing of the receivable, or from its purchase by the bank.
  • The loan is recommended for large one-time contracts.
  • A well-secured future receivable arising from a business contract.


  • Requirements for loan security will be explained to the client upon the analysis of a specific contract.