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The exporter obtains the payment immediately upon delivery
The exporter does not bear the risk of non-payment
Interest expenses paid by the foreign debtor (i.e. by the importer or its bank) are usually lower compared to loans granted by banks in the importer’s country
Financing is comparable to the conditions offered by exporters from OECD countries


Buyer's credit is a structured product for trade financing.

Its conditions are specific to every trade, depending on the volume and nature of the export contract between the Czech exporter and the foreign importer. Its provision requires active cooperation between Raiffeisenbank and all the parties involved during the whole preparation and execution of the contract and financing.

The loan is used to finance receivables from major export trades, in particular related to capital goods, machinery, and related services. It is governed by the OECD consensus and can be provided for up to 85% of the export contract value for mid-term and long-term loans and up to 100% for short-term loans. It is granted in the currency of the receivables being financed.

Main conditions for loan provision:

  • Loan insurance by the export insurance company EGAP, a.s.
  • At least 50% of the financed export must be of Czech origin.
  • At least 15% of the total contract value is paid by the importer directly to the exporter in advance before the first use of the loan.
  • Raiffeisenbank signs an loan agreement  with the debtor and an realization  agreement with the exporter.
  • The use of legal and inspection services provided by independent third parties accepted by Raiffeisenbank and EGAP.


  • Raiffeisenbank defines the requirements for securing the loan in cooperation with the insurance company EGAP, a.s. on the basis of the analysis of the business plan and with the evaluation of the risks of the expected foreign debtor.