• A warranty, including a guarantee to removed covered defects, is an important part of contractual terms. A bank guarantee securing the proper fulfilment of your obligations arising out of the agreement during the warranty period and correction of defects that appeared during the warranty period.
  • Your credibility with  your trading partner improves
  • Your trading partner will be confident that Raiffeisenbank will pay the guaranteed amount  if you fail to meet your contractual obligations  during the warranty period


Warranty Bond is a non-payment guarantee that represents the irrevocable obligation of the bank to pay an amount up to a specified maximum if the  applicant  (i.e. the supplier..) fails to meet the contractual obligations during the warranty period and fails to remove defects that appear during the warranty period. Additional benefits:
  • Individual approach and modification in the wording of the guarantee according to the needs of your company and the beneficiary
  • Framework agreement for easy repeated issuance of guarantees
  • The experience of a strong international group

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