• The bank guarantee will improve your credibility with potential customers
  • You will be able to participate in tenders without having to deposit money with the contracting authority
  • Your trading partner will be confident that Raiffeisenbank will pay the guaranteed amount if you fail to meet your obligations arising out of the agreement


By contracting a bank guarantee with Raiffeisenbank, you obtain a number of other services and benefits:
  • Expert advice when concluding commercial contracts
  • Framework agreement for simple repeated issuance of guarantees
  • The experience of a strong international group

Bid Bond is a non-payment guarantee and represents the irrevocable obligation of the issuing bank to pay the specified amount if the applicant/bidder fails to meet the obligations that follow from the tender conditions.

Contact details of our specialists:

Olga Kokešová (, tel: +420 234 401 182)
Markéta Raffaiová (, tel: +420 234 401 273)