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Lower working capital needed for short-term loans to customers
Shorter maturity of receivables and transfer of administration and collection tasks to the bank
Possibility of deferred maturities


Export factoring will allow you to assign to the bank receivables arising from the supply of goods or services to foreign customers. Assignment changes the creditor.

Factoring is recommended for manufacturing and trading companies with high turnaround that need to provide short-term supplier credit and require a large amount of working capital.

Method of purchase

  • Receivables are sold to the bank by means of an assignment for consideration.
    • without recourse (no-recourse factoring) – the preferred variant; the bank assumes the risk of the debtor’s insolvency or unwillingness to pay and insures the receivables with a credit insurance company with a deductible of only 10%
    • with recourse (recourse factoring) – if the customer does not pay by the end of the grace period (a period after maturity, mostly 60 days), the receivable is assigned back to the client
  • The bank buys 100% of the amount of receivables as specified in the invoice, incl. VAT; it provides clients with a contractual advance payment of 70% to 90% of the nominal value; the remaining part is credited to the client’s account immediately upon the payment being obtained from the debtor

Further benefits:

  • Secured funding improves your competitiveness
  • Cash flow planning is more precise
  • You can already use the money on the day on which the receivables are assigned
  • You minimize the risk of exchange rate movements for receivables in foreign currencies
  • No reservation fee is charged on the unused amount
  • You will lower the cost of payments – no fees are charged for incoming payments
  • The bank assumes the risk of non-payment of receivables


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