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We manage your bond issue as a standard form of mid- to long-term financing
For foreign investment funds, we provide any services required for public offerings in the Czech Republic
We handle dividend payments


Our product portfolio in capital market operations comprises:

Bond issues

We issue bonds as a standard form of mid- to long-term financing for companies, municipalities and the state government. We provide comprehensive services:

  • assessing the feasibility of the strategic objective
  • structuring the issue
  • managing the bond issue process
  • preparing the form and content of securities´ prospectus
  • placing securities on capital markets
  • guaranteeing full underwriting
  • listing bonds on public stock exchanges
  • coupon payments and issue redemption

Share issues

Raiffeisenbank ensures share issues / IPO as a way of financing that can help your company raise capital without repaying loans and interest. We will help you  increase your equity, optimize your capital structure and increase the transparency of your company on the market. Raiffeisenbank’s services in the IPO process include in particular:

  • company valuation for the purpose of issuing shares
  • consulting in determining the required volume of capital
  • management and support of the transaction team
  • participation in defining the overall strategy of the issue
  • selection of markets and coordination of issue placement with investors
  • preparing a prospectus with the assistance of legal advisers

Dividend payments

We ensure that dividends issued by the corporation are paid to the shareholders who hold the shares on the decisive day.

Contact bank

For foreign investment funds, we intermediate any services required for public offerings in the Czech Republic as part of this service, Raiffeisenbank ensures:

  • the publishing of mandatory information about the fund and its activities
  • the representation of clients in dealings with state and regulatory bodies and institutions
  • the payment of income from securities issued by a foreign investment fund
  • the payment of shares to holders of securities issued by the foreign investment fund (in the event of fund termination)

Escrow account

We offer a special type of current account for depositing funds during the period in which counterparties perform or settle business transactions. Funds are kept in the account until binding conditions laid down in contracts are satisfied. An escrow account can be opened for natural persons or legal entities in CZK or foreign currencies. Escrow accounts can be used, for example, to buy or sell property, to deposit funds when transferring a share in a company or as a substitute for notary deposits.


We provide a squeeze-out service to legally squeeze out minority investors in a joint-stock company and to compensate the owners of securities in a financial settlement.

Contact information of the responsible employee:
Jakub Hamr
Corporate Finance Specialist Senior
Phone: +420 234 40-1868
Cell: +420 606 785794