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A simple method for receiving online payments

More favourable conditions than with acceptance of payment cards

Online overview of all payments made

A trustworthy, established payment tool on the market since 1998

Product information

The ePlatby service allows your e-shop to accept online payments. You simply install a button for direct payments, and all your clients will pay online, directly from their accounts.

The ePlatby service for eKonto is one of the “Pay-by-link” solutions for Internet payments.  You will be notified immediately of all payments made. Thanks to this, you can send goods to customers earlier than if they paid by regular bank transfer. Moreover, you do not face the risk of unclaimed cash on delivery packages.

How ePlatby work

The whole process of payment notification can be automated easily. Introducing ePlatby into your system is not demanding in terms of time and money, and no special software or hardware needs to be installed.

The ePlatby Internet payment system is based on the communication of the merchant’s server with the bank through Internet links. Once your customer creates a complete order and the total price is calculated (including the related charges), your system will direct the customer to the payment gateway using a parameterized web link.

The link contains several parameters so we can identify your company and populate the payment order for the goods or services that have been ordered, which the customer only needs to sign.

What do you need to use ePlatby for eKonto?

- Open a company account with Raiffeisenbank so you can accept online payments
- Establish business terms and conditions and sign a product agreement

Technical parameters of implementation