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One main account can be linked to one or more Escrow account; fees are debited from the main account

You can deposit funds obtained from natural persons, individual entrepreneurs as well as legal entities
The account can be opened in CZK or in a foreign currency
Funds can be transferred in cash and by bank transfer

Product information

With Escrow account, you can manage your clients’ money easily, transparently and safely. The account can be administered from your home via Direct Banking.


  • Interest terms can be set depending on the requirements and specifics of the given transaction

Since the Escrow account is always linked to the main account, you can keep funds held in escrow and your business activities separate. You will receive separate account statements for your Escrow account, which makes records even more transparent.

As regards funds deposited in the Escrow account, they remain the property of the third party that put them in escrow based on an agreement between the account owner (notary / attorney / distraint officer) and the third party.

The Escrow account is also subject to a special legal regime: the bank is not entitled to debit its claims, if any, from it; the deposited funds are not subject to distraint and inheritance and cannot be used to secure liabilities.

What do you need to open an Escrow account?

  • If you are an individual entrepreneur: proof of your entrepreneur status
  • If you are a attorney: a certificate of registration in the list of attorneys and your attorney licence
  • If you are a notary: your notary licence
  • If you are a distraint officer: your distraint officer licence
  • You must have a main account with Raiffeisenbank
  • You must identify the actual owners of funds deposited in the Escrow account in accordance with Section 41(f)(2) and (5) of Act No. 21/1992 Coll., on banks, as amended, to the extent specified in Act No. 253/2008 Coll. on certain measures against the legalization of proceeds of criminal activities, as amended

General Business Terms and Conditions
Product Terms and Conditions

The title to any interest income from the Escrow account is governed by an agreement between the account owner and the actual owner of the funds in the Escrow account.