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Fast and convenient trades on the phone with a Treasury employee
Typically offer more favourable interest than on a Term deposit
Overnight Service – preferential interest on current account balances


  • A Hypoteční zástavní list is a debt security issued with a fixed coupon (income) and with maturity as of a specific date in the future, usually 5 years.
  • The holder of a Hypoteční zástavní list obtains regular income (coupon payment), while the principal is paid out at maturity.
  • The Hypoteční zástavní list can be sold at any time before maturity.
  • The best option is usually to buy it in a primary auction.


  • Signature of a commission agreement, an agreement on the administration of securities and on opening a Běžný investiční účet.
  • Investments in a Hypoteční zástavní list are usually advantageous from values over CZK 10,000.