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You can obtain the required loan from a financial institution that does not accept any other type of security
Improving your credibility with the guarantee beneficiary
The beneficiary is guaranteed to receive payment from Raiffeisenbank if you fail to meet your obligations  arising out of the contract with the beneficiary


Credit Guarantee is a payment guarantee that represents the irrevocable obligation of the bank to pay an amount up to a specified maximum if the debtor fails to meet obligations arising out of the credit agreement signed with the beneficiary. Additional benefits:
  • Individual approach and modification in the wording of the guarantee according to the needs of your company and the beneficiary
  • Framework agreement for easy repeated issuance of guarantees
  • The experience of a strong international group

Credit Guarantee can be issued to cover not only the loan principal but also any payment obligations from the loan agreement, i.e. including interest and other fees.

Contact details of our specialists:
Olga Kokešová (, tel: +420 234 401 182)
Markéta Raffaiová (, tel: +420 234 401 273)