• A quick overview of the banking products and services that your company is using
  • A quick understanding of the financial situation of your company and industry
  • Efficient arrangement of cooperation with the bank


With Executive Onboarding, you will understand the financial situation of your company and all the products and services it uses. The service also includes:
  • an overview of cooperation with the bank
  • a cooperation development proposal that will support your plans in corporate financial management
  • the possibility to obtain a sector and macroeconomic analysis of the market

The first 100 days are the most important for any new CFO. You define your priorities and make decisions that lay the foundation for future success. Our objective is to help you to handle this demanding challenge. We provide you with key information that you can use to decide what is optimal for your company. You will certainly appreciate this service if all you need is to quickly find your bearings in the finances of your company.

Executive Onboarding includes a detailed overview of all your products and services. You will have detailed information about your accounts, loan products, payment cards and the most important terms and conditions. Furthermore, you will have an overview of the transaction behaviour of your company and the development of balances. All in a succinct and comprehensible form.

The service is intended for Raiffeisenbank’s corporate clients.