Investor Relations

The below listed dates are provisionally fixed. The dates may be changed or amended during the course of the year.

Financial calendar 2018

8 January Closing period
7 February Raiffeisen Bank International AG announcement on preliminary results 2017
29 January Closing period
27 February Announcement of Annual RB Financial Report 2017
15 April Closing period
15 May Announcement of First Quarter RB Financial Report 2018
21 June 2018 Annual RB General Meeting
 10 July 2018 Closing period
 9 August 2018  Announcement of Semi-annual RB Financial Report 2018
 15 October 2018 Closing period
 14 November 2018 Announcement of Third Quarter RB Financial Report 2018


Closing period  is a period of 30 calendar days before publication of quarterly financial statements and the annual report of Raiffeisenbank a.s. (further as "Issuer").  During this period, respective persons discharging managerial responsibilities of the Issuer are not allowed to conduct/execute any transactions on their own account or for the account of a third party, directly or indirectly, relating to the financial instruments of the Issuer or to derivatives or other financial instruments linked to them.