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Be ahead of other prospective property buyers. With our Reverse Mortgage, you conclude a loan without having found your dream home yet. Then you can just choose the right house or apartment for you and draw the mortgage loan without undue delay.


Funds ready at hand

Prompt negotiations with the real estate agency and seller

You will not miss an opportunity that might not come again

How Reverse Mortgage works

Concluding the loan agreement

Taking out a Reverse Mortgage loan is easy – just submit a proof of your expenses and income to let us give you a quote and conclude the loan agreement.

Finding your dream home

Having signed the loan agreement, you can turn to finding the right property, for which you have 11 months. We will assist you in getting an appraisal and establishing the security interest.

Drawing the loan

You have 12 months to draw the mortgage loan. The loan amount is paid out as soon as all requisites and drawdown conditions are met. The dream apartment or house is yours.

Detailed product information

Our Reverse Mortgage is available to you to finance the purchase of an apartment, house, recreational cottage or weekend house. Whatever your plans are, this mortgage lets you seize any attractive opportunity that comes.

  • Loan amount from 300 thousand to 20 million CZK
  • Loan repayment over up to 30 years
  • 11 months to find the property, 12 months to draw the loan
  • We assist you in getting an appraisal of the property and establishing the security interest