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Discount of up to 40 % on your O2 and O2 Family bill

Automated payment of the O2 and O2 Family bill by direct debit from the card

Comfort Light insurance package included

Interest-free period of up to 55 days
More favourable interest rate for bigger transactions
Supplementary card for your dearest INCLUDED

Product information

  • Financial limit of up to 600 000 CZK
  • Contactless payments save your time
  • Supplementary card for your dearest INCLUDED
  • Keep track of your payments with the Kredit Info SMS service

Discount of up to 40% on your O2 and O2 Family bill

Your O2 RB karta gives you up to 40% off the first four bills for O2 and/or O2 Family services paid in a particular monthly billing period by direct debit from the O2 RB karta.

The discount amount is set depending on the total amount of payments made with the card (excluding payments for O2 services) in a given billing period.

Payments at merchants   Discount
 0 CZK – 3 000 CZK   0 %
3 000 CZK (included) – 5 000 CZK    10 %
5 000 CZK (included) – 10 000 CZK   20 %
10 000 CZK (included) – 20 000 CZK  30 % 
20 000 CZK (included) or more   40 %

The price of the card includes the Comfort Light insurance package:

  • Extended warranty insurance gives you an extra year of warranty for selected home appliances and electronics paid with the card.
  • Best price guarantee refunds the price difference within up to 20 days from purchase of a movable item using the credit card.
  • Card abuse insurance and personal belongings insurance protects you against card abuse and covers the cost of stolen personal documents, home or car keys, handbag, wallet, tablet and mobile phone.

Get discounts at hundreds of retailers

The program RB Club gives you an opportunity to get discounts on purchases of goods and services in the area of leisure, fashion, traveling, restaurants, etc. The programme includes online shops as well as traditional stores all over the Czech Republic.

Repayment plans

Place your card transactions (such as card payments at merchants or wire transfers from credit card to any current account) into regular monthly instalments with more favourable interest rate using our repayment plans.

Kredit Info SMS service

Do you wish to keep track of your credit card account at all times? Activate the Kredit Info SMS service. Information about your available balance is sent to you after every transaction. You will thus always know when, where and how much you should pay for the last billing period; also, for one flat-rate fee you get an unlimited number of information text messages.

Contactless payments save your time

The contactless technology lets you pay easily and fast. Just place your card at the terminal and enter your PIN, if the amount exceeds 500 CZK. The payment is made in a couple of seconds.

Secure online payments

3D Secure is a free service provided with your card to secure your online payments. When paying at a merchant supporting 3D Secure, you have to confirm the payment in RB Klíč application or by one-time code sent to your mobile / internet banking.

If you do not provide us with the required information and documents, the provided information or documents are incomplete or untrue, or if they are not adequately explained or supplemented according to our requirements, we might not be able to assess your creditworthiness and grant the loan to you.

The English webpage is only informative and does not represent a proposal to conclude a contract. The Agreement to issue a credit card including related documents are always executed in the Czech language.

Price list

Representative example

Terms and Conditions for the issue and use of credit cards

You don't have to worry about high interest rates.

Take advantage of our repayment plans. You can spread your credit card purchases over regular monthly payments at a better interest rate. For example, if you divide the amount you borrowed into 36 instalments, you can pay only 6.99% p. a.