Your finance under control

You can find all of your products, including your accounts, debit and credit cards, investments, loans and mortgages in one place on the application main page.

If you have more than 2 products of the same type (for example 3 current accounts), a list will be displayed.

Perzonalize your main page according to your preference. You can change order of your products, hide them or hide graphs to save some space on your screen.
You can also choose up to 3 action buttons for each product that you want to use on your main page.

To have more control over your incoming and outgoing transactions in your accounts, activate the Inform Me service. Notifications will be sent automatically to your phone free of charge. You will receive information about transactions without having to ask for it.

Use Settings in the app to activate or change the service and set up various conditions for your particular accounts.

You can check PIN of your debit or credit card comfortably anywhere.

You will find it in the card detail. All you need to do is to fill in your S-PIN. For security reasons we will display the card PIN only for 10 seconds, but you can check it as many times as you want.

Manage your currency folders straight from your phone. Actvite new one or change the setting of existing one.

Before you travel abroad you can change your main currency folder. Debit card transactions will be automatically processed on that folder.

Easy navigation

The payment button can be used in different ways.

Hold it to choose the type of payment you would like to make.

Choose a standing order, currency conversion, or generate your own QR code with payment details.

Use drag&drop on your main page to pre-fill your payment order. This way you can easily transfer money between your current and savings accounts.
Also yu do not have to certifacete payments between your own accounts by S-PIN or biometry.

By swiping left you can use quick actions on your transaction and payment lists.

You can repeat or reverse single payments, manage standing orders and work with your templates without a need to go to the detail.

Keep your finance under control.

You can use a full-text search in the list of your transactions to find them faster and easier.

Look up the transactions by the account number, variable symbol, note for yourself, etc.

If you have access to accounts of multiple clients, you can easily switch the accounts on the main page.

Your company accounts, accounts of your children or your partner are thus always at hand.


Sign your payments up to CZK 5,000 with Fingerprint on Android devices and with Touch ID or Face ID on iOS devices.

Sign up to 5 payments without a need to use your S-PIN. Number of available biometric signatures will be reset back to 5 every time you insert your S-PIN anywere in the application or you do not send any payment in 24 hours.

You can activate this function in Settings. You can choose if you just want to sign the payments, just log into the app or use both.

If you have received a paper invoice containing a QR code, there is no need to copy the information manually.

You can easily scan the QR code to automatically pre-fill a payment order.

You only have to sign the payment aftterwards.

If you have received PDF invoice by e-mail that contains QR code, there is no need to print it or manually copy information.

You can share it straight to your mobile banking.

Your application will automatically pre-fill payment order.

Use the most convenient way to send your payment details and generate your own QR code using the "Pay me" service.

You can send the QR code by e-mail or one of your communication applications - Messenger, WhatsApp etc. The recipient can scan the code without having to copy the information manually.

Send SEPA payments to European union countries from special form. To get to this form you can hold Payment button on main navigation bar or use button on domestic payment form. You can fill the form manually or use one of your templates.

Sent SEPA payments, payments to sign, waiting payments and SEPA templates are shown in separate lists for foreign payments.


The application uses state-of-the-art methods to detect malware in your smartphone. Your sensitive data is protected by Promon Shield, a leading shielding service keeping your finance always secure.

Your card is nowhere to be found and you are worried about fraud? Reduce your card limit to zero; once you find the card, increase your limit back.

If you are sure the card is lost, you can permanently block it. You can also activate and deactivate internet payments.

All the above can be set easily in your mobile application.

Log in fast, easily and safely with Face ID on your iPhone X.

You no longer have to use your S-PIN. One glance at your phone to log in.

Use one of the safest and most convenient ways to log into your application.

Your fingerprint is unique so it identifies you perfectly.  You no longer have to use your S-PIN.

You only need a phone supporting this feature to log in easily with a single touch.

Are you worried that somebody might be looking over your shoulder at your mobile banking in a public place?

You can hide your sensitive data on the main page.

To show your balance, recent transactions or loan information, just long tap the particular product every time you need the information.

Overwie of features

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