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Statement of Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic regarding the situation in Ukraine

25. 2. 2022

The situation in Ukraine touches us all deeply and we strongly sympathise with all the innocent people struck by the conflict.

Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic will help by donating 10 million CZK to the account of People in Need, a non-profit organization. Also, we will be refunding fees to our clients for all their payments to Ukraine to facilitate their direct help to the affected people. Our employees decided to join our efforts. They will voluntarily donate their daily pay as part of the Day for Ukraine on Monday to increase the contribution already sent by Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic. We are searching for other ways to offer more forms of specific help to the people in the affected areas.

Also, we would like to assure our clients that the conflict in Ukraine has no impact on our service. 99% of our business takes place in the Czech Republic and European Union. The business of Czechia’s Raiffeisenbank is entirely independent of and separated from the other subsidiaries of our owners, those being Austria’s RBI financial group with 75% and Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich with 25%. Our business is subject to supervision of the Czech National Bank and thus the situation abroad has zero impact on it.