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Find out more about the innovations in Raiffeisenbank’s new Internet banking, where you can have your finances under control. You might also check what is new regarding the internet banking for personal finance

Supporting materials for corporate clients

Your finance well arranged in one application

New Internet banking has been specifically adapted for needs of corporates clients. Modern design with intuitive navigation enables you to have control over your finances anytime and anywhere.  Thanks to literally one click switch between your business and personal banking you will have your finances even more under control.


New internet banking for corporate clients

Homepage layout customized to the needs of businesses

New homepage was designed in the way to meet the needs of corporate clients. Current status of all your products is clearly displayed on your homepage after logging in.

Managing of accounts of all companies under your administration

In the new internet banking you can display accounts, import payments and download statements fo all companies together.

Improved transaction history

In the improved account transaction history, you may view all your payments and now take also advantage of our advanced search using keywords and filters. You will also get more comprehensive overview of your transactions thanks to table view.

Banking adjusted for your journeys

Design of the new Internet banking is adjusted to your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Therefore, you can easily use it wherever you are.


New features for more convenient use of batch payments

As we know how much important is communication between your accounting system and internet banking we have prepared some useful features that will make it easier.

Easy import for large number of payments orders

In case you need to pay more invoices at the same time it can be executed very easily using new function of the Internet banking batch payments. Just drag a file from your accounting system to the new Internet banking. You will save much time as you do not have to enter each payment manually. This way we have incorporated functionalities of former application eKomunikator to one place.

Fast batch payments signing

When authorizing huge amount of payment orders you will not lose your time with signing them separately. Using new application, you will simply authorize and send them all at once. Moreover, you can also sign payments in mobile banking.

Statements formats suitable for your accounting

All statements are available in the most frequently used formats in order to be compatible with your accounting system. 


 New internet banking for corporate clients

Supporting materials for clients

We designed our internet banking so that it is easily navigable and intuitive. For better illustration how to navigate through or more details, please use the supporting tools and other materials that we have prepared for you:

When and how

Here you can learn about how we are going to launch the new application and inform you about the launch date.

Innovations and changes

Are you interested in finding out what is new in our internet banking? Look at a summary of the most important changes and new functions.

Frequently asked questions

Please refer to the FAQ section to find answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you have any special questions, we are here to assist you at our info line.

For eKomunikator's users

Here you can learn more about a new service replacing former eKomunikátor and also find useful supporting materials.