Looking for a way to earn a good yield on your savings? You have several options, and each of them offers attractive advantages. See for yourself and choose.

eKonto Flexi

Would you like to earn a yield on your money but also have it available all the time? The eKonto Flexi savings account offers one of the best interest rates on the market and our unique Inteligent saving service.

  • Interest rate of 0.75 % p.a. for deposits of up to CZK 150 thousand
  • The funds are available at any time without any notice period
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eKonto Flexi 21

Would you like to earn an attractive yield on your money and  are not pressed for time? Open an eKonto Flexi 21 savings account. And if you use your current account actively, we will reward you with a special interest rate.

  • Special interest rate of up to 0.50 % p.a.
  • Notice period of 21 days only
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