Offset mortgage (Hypotéka se zápočtem úspor)

Would you like to have a lower interest rate but still have your savings available at all times? Use our unique  Offset Mortgage. By depositing your savings in a savings account, you reduce the interest burden of your mortgage and your monthly payments.

  • Arrangement and maintenance of your mortgage FREE OF CHARGE
  • The more you deposit in your savings account, the less you pay for the mortgage
  • If the amount in the savings account matches the mortgage balance, you pay no interest
  • The money in the savings account is constantly available

Product information

Offset Mortgage will let you influence the costs associated with your mortgage. It also has many other advantages.

  • Mortgage loans from CZK 300,000 to CZK 12 million
  • Mortgage maturity up to 30 years
  • Interest rates fixed for 1 to 5 years, or a floating interest rate
  • No need to pay attention to early repayment deadlines – savings offset has the same effect, and the money remains yours


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