Non-purpose mortgage (Hypotéka Univerzál)

Would you like to buy new furnishings, a car or a yacht? Would you like to pay your children’s studies abroad or make a trip around the world?  Non-purpose Mortgage (Hypotéka Univerzál) can be used for any purposes with no questions asked.

  • In the drawdown period , you can use and repay the loan as you need
  • Early repayments FREE OF CHARGE at any time during the drawdown period
  • You can invest money in housing or use it for any purpose
  • We will process your mortgage WITHIN 3 DAYS

Product information

Do you need money immediately and a conventional consumer loan is not sufficient? Non-purpose Mortgage (Hypotéka Univerzál) allows you to borrow a higher amount. Since it is secured by property, you will receive a lower interest rate.

  • Mortgage loans from CZK 300,000 to CZK 5 million
  • Mortgage maturity up to 20 years
  • Interest rates fixed for 1 to 15 years

Early repayments of up to 25% of the mortgage balance can be arranged every year WITHOUT ANY FEES

  • We will process your mortgage WITHIN 3 DAYS
  • You can start using the loan as soon as the proposal for the entry of a lien is filed, i.e. much faster 


Mortgage loan documents