Consolidation and refinancing at the best rate of 4,9 % p. a.

Do you have multiple loans and start losing track of them? Transfer your loans to us. Consolidation and Refinancing will get you a lower instalment amount, a better view of your finance, and now also a bonus interest rate for proper repayment.

  • Bonus rate of 4,9% - 10,9% p. a.
  • FREE granting and maintenance of the loan
  • Easy loan transfer – we take care of everything on your behalf
  • Possible refinancing of just one loan

Bonus rate table

bonus rates

A CZK 500,000 loan subject to an 6,9 % p.a. interest rate, repayable in 96 monthly instalments in the amount of CZK 6 793; the APR is 7,12 % and the total amount payable by the consumer is CZK 652 001. No fees for granting or maintaining the loan apply. The bonus, subject to proper repayment of the loan and maintenance of a current account with Raiffeisenbank, amounts to CZK 46 625 at the end of the maturity term. If deducting the bonus amount from the total cost and keeping the number of instalments, the final bonus rate stands at 4,9% p.a.

Anyone can qualify for the bonus rate with us. All you need to do is to:

  • hold an account with Raiffeisenbank
  • and repay properly

Detailed information is available in the rules.

Other benefits of Consolidation and Refinancing

  • We can consolidate an unlimited number of loans between 20 thousand and 600 thousand CZK
  • Repayment term between 6 and 120 months – choose quick repayment or low instalments
  • You choose the monthly repayment day
  • Also, you can take out new cash with the transferred loans for anything
  • Optional insurance against the risk of incapacity to work or the risk of losing your job

What do you need to apply for a loan?

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Proof of income