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Placing card transaction (more specifically card transaction made with a merchant) on repayment plan with more favourable interest rate comparing to standard credit card interest rates.

Advantages of Instalment Buying (“Nákup na splátky”)

Simple and quick setup in internet or mobile banking or via phone.

Lower interest rate compared to standard credit card rates.

No opening or maintenance fees.

Simple repayment – monthly instalment is always included into mandatory minimum payment.

How to set up Instalment Buying?

Pay your purchases of goods and services with credit card

Pay your purchase in the amount of at least 2.000 CZK with credit card from Raiffeisenbank.

Log in your internet or mobile banking or call our client line

You can set up Instalment Buying via three channels: internet banking, mobile banking or on our client line +420 412 440 000. Go to the credit card details and here go to Transaction history. Click on the button “Apply now” next to transaction suitable for placing on repayment plan Instalment Buying. 

Set up the repayment plan to meet your needs

Choose the repayment period, so that monthly instalment suits you. You will see not only the monthly instalment but also all other parameters of repayment plan. Read the information and certify the request.