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Money transfer from your credit card to any current account in the Czech Republic without placing this transaction on repayment plan. Cashless transfer is more favourable than ATM withdrawal.

Advantages of Cashless Transfer

Simple and quick setup in internet banking or via phone.

No fees (unlike ATM withdrawal).

Monthly payment is up to you (the only rule is to pay mandatory minimum payment stated in credit card monthly statement).

Money for any purpose.

How to get Cashless Transfer?

Prepare what is needed

  • your credit card number and
  • number of current account where you want to transfer money from your credit card

Log in your internet banking or call our client line

You can set up Cashless Transfer via internet banking or using our client line +420 412 440 000.

Log in your internet banking. Go to your credit card details. If you have pre-approved offer of Cashless Transfeer, you will see the banner with Cashless Transfer option on the left. Click on “Apply now”.
Enter your current account number. Choose the amount (minimum is 2.000 CZK) and read the information which follows. Certify the transaction request.

Or call our client line +420 412 440 000. You can check here if you have preapproved offer. If yes, you can immediately ask the phone banker to fill in the request for Cashless Transfer.

Once it is approved, we will send money to specified current account.