• An unlimited number of cash withdrawals from all ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad INCLUDED
  • An unlimited number of domestic electronic payments INCLUDED
  • Maintenance of a credit card, two debit cards and a contactless sticker INCLUDED

Product information

With eKonto KOMPLET, you can use regular as well as premium banking services without any limits. You will receive additional benefits if you actively use your account.
  • 1 % OFF the interest rate on Hypotéka na bydlení
  • Preferential interest rate of 0.75 % in the Spořicí účet eKonto Flexi
  • Interest-free reserve of CZK 1,000 as a buffer against unauthorized overdrafts
  • Protect insurance against accidents and their consequences INCLUDED
  • Up to 19 currencies under one account number (CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, CAD, PLN, HUF...)

What constitutes active use of the account?

  • The sum of incoming payments is at least CZK 15,000 per month
  • You perform at least 3 outgoing transactions per month
  • If you fulfil these conditions, you will pay CZK 129 per month for eKonto KOMPLET. Otherwise the fee is CZK 250 per month.

Unlimited withdrawals from ATMs

do not apply to those ATMs whose use is subject to an additional charge. Usually, these are ATMs owned by non-banking institutions, and the cardholder is explicitly alerted to the charge on the ATM display and must consent to it for the withdrawal to be completed.

It is easy to open eKonto KOMPLET. What do you need?

  • Identity card or another proof of identity
  • Residence permit in the Czech Republic or another proof of relation to the Czech Republic
  • Minimum age of 12 years