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Benefits of Apple Pay

Easy and secure payments using your mobile phone in stores, applications or on the internet

Easy activation in Wallet, an application installed automatically on your phone

You can use Apple Pay with your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or Mac

To start

To use Apple Pay, you need an iPhone 6 or a newer device and the Wallet application. See what you have to do.

Aplikace Apple Pay Raiffeisenbank

Prepare your mobile telephone and your debit or credit card from Raiffeisenbank that you wish to add. Open the Wallet application and tap the “Plus” button in the right top corner.

Apple Pay Wallet | Raiffeisenbank

Apple Pay Raiffeisenbank

The camera opens automatically after this step. Point it on the front side of your card. Complete the missing information and confirm the new card using the code sent in a text message, or call us. 

Apple Pay Raiffeisenbank

Now you can go shopping. To open the application, press the Home button twice and authorize using Touch ID, Face ID or PIN. Then place the telephone near the contactless terminal.

Platby s Apple Pay | Raiffeisenbank

More about payments with Apple Pay

Paying with Apple Pay is easy and intuitive. If your need detailed instructions, please visit Apple’s website that contains instructional videos and more information.


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