Basic Payment Account

For clients without current account for personal needs.

  • Account package for private needs
  • Designed for clients who are not holding a CZK current account with Raiffeisenbank, a.s., or another bank in the Czech Republic or with a Czech organizational branch of a foreign bank
  • Includes a current account in CZK, direct banking and Debit MasterCard BASIC card
  • Provided through any branch office of Raiffeisenbank, a. s.

Product description

To open a Basic Payment Account, you need the following:

  • ID card, another proof of identity, eventually another documents (Please contact any branch office of Raiffeisenbank, a. s., for further information.)
  • Presence of your statutory representative (for clients below 18 years of age)
  • In the account agreement, the applicant signs a representation that he or she does not own another payment account held in CZK with a bank or a foreign bank branch in the Czech Republic