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Reasons to have a savings account

Do you have money saved? Don't just leave it lying idle in your current account. Instead, put it in a savings account to get better interest.

You continuously add value to your savings. Just pay by card 3 times a month to get 4.5% p. a. interest applied to deposits of up to 500 000 CZK.

You can use the money anytime you need it. No notice periods apply; you do not have to wait and can transfer the money to your current account in no time.

You do not pay fees. Certainly, opening and maintaining a savings account is free of charge and so are cashless transactions.

What does active account use mean?

You only need to make 3 debit or credit card payments in a traditional or online shop per month. Thus, basically, just pay for your shopping by card. It also holds that all the transactions must be accounted in the given month.

Our HIT PLUS savings account gives you even more benefits

No conditions regarding a minimum balance apply to the savings account. Only you decide how much you want to save.

You can easily manage your accounts in your mobile and internet banking.

The Intelligent Savings service lets you carry out automated money transfers between your current and savings accounts.

You can conveniently open the account at any of our branch offices.

What interest applies to my savings?

If you deposit 600 000 CZK into your account and meet the bonus rate conditions, the amount of 500 000 CZK will be subject to interest accrued at the annual rate of 4.5%, while the remaining 100 000 CZK will be subject to 0.01% annual interest.


Product information

All you need to do is to actively use your current account. Interest rate details are available in the Interest rates list.

Let the Intelligent Savings service watch over your funds

You do not need to think about idling money in your current account anymore. Set up a limit for maintaining a sufficient balance of your current account and we will automatically transfer the extra funds to your savings account every month.

Also, the service can be used the other way around. If you do not want the cash held in your current account drop below a certain amount, we will automatically top up the balance from your savings account. Thus, you can be certain that your money is where it is needed the most.

Other benefits

  • Money available in the account all the time without notice
  • FREE account opening and maintenance and cashless transactions
  • Not conditioned by minimum account balance