• Bonus rate of 1,25% p.a. for up to CZK 150,000 upon active use

  • Intelligent savings service with smart transfers between the current and savings account

  • Easy management of your accounts in internet and mobile banking


Product information

With the eKonto XL savings account, your funds are subject to a superior interest rate of 1,25% p.a., applicable to deposits of up to CZK 150,000. All you need to do is to actively use your current account. Interest rate details are available in the Interest rates list.

Let the Intelligent Savings service watch over your funds

You do not need to think about idling money in your current account anymore. Set up a limit for maintaining a sufficient balance of your current account and we will automatically transfer the extra funds to your savings account every month.

Also, the service can be used the other way around. If you do not want the cash held in your current account drop below a certain amount, we will automatically top up the balance from your savings account. Thus, you can be certain that your money is where it is needed the most.

Other benefits

  • Money available in the account all the time without notice
  • FREE account opening and maintenance and cashless transactions
  • Not conditioned by minimum account balance