• Interest rate of 0.75% p.a. for deposits of up to CZK 150 thousand

  • The funds are available at any time without any notice period

  • Inteligent saving service with smart transfers between the current and savings account

Product information

With the new eKonto Flexi savings account, you can earn an above-average return on your money without any conditions.
  • Easy account administration via Internet banking, or over the phone
  • You can handle online transfers between your accounts yourself

How Inteligent saving works

It depends on your configuration. In your SMART, KOMPLET or STUDENT PREMIUM eKonto current account, you set an upper or a lower limit for the funds. You also specify the decisive days for checking the available balance  in your current and savings accounts. You don’t have to think about money transfers. Inteligent saving will do it for you.

The upper limit is the highest amount you want to have in your account on the decisive date. All funds above this value will be transferred to the savings account.
The lower limit is the lowest amount you want to have in your account on the decisive date. The difference that is missing will be transferred from the savings account to your current account.
The decisive period is the period for checking the available balances in the current and savings accounts (and for transfers of funds, if any). If you choose a 1-week period, the balance in your account will be checked once a week and funds will be transferred from or to the savings account.

Deposits are insured under Act No. 21/1992 Coll. up to the equivalent of EUR 100,000 per client.

It is easy to open an eKonto FLEXI savings account. What do you need?

  • You must have an eKonto KOMPLET, eKonto SMART or eKonto STUDENT PREMIUM account