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 All your products and services are available only at Raiffeisenbank 

Equa bank Internet and Mobile banking is no longer available. All your products and services are available only at Raiffeisen banking. 

Do not forget about the basic rules:

  • Only use to access your internet banking. Type the address manually in the address bar.
  • Do not use any search engine to search for the website.
  • Do not sign in via any links sent to you.

TIP: If you don’t have access to Raiffeisen mobile or internet banking yet, please visit our branch where we will help you. You can find list of our branches here.

How to validate online card payments? 

  • If you validated payments in Equa bank mobile banking, you will be validating your payments in Raiffeisenbank’s mobile banking.
  • If you validated your payments using E-PIN and SMS you will not be receiving the validation code by SMS. We will be sending you validation codes to your Raiffeisenbank mobile or internet banking. You can view the code after you successfully sign in.

Your bank code changes 

As of 15 May 2023, incoming payments and direct debits routed to the original bank code ‘6100’ will not be automatically redirected anymore. Payments and direct debits with code 6100 will not be executed after the said date.
Please do not forget to inform those who send you money about the changed bank code in due time.

How to recognize an incoming payment or direct debit with the original code ‘6100’:

Payments and direct debits with the original bank code can be easily identified by the text added in the note that says “Platba 6100” (Payment 6100). Just type “Platba 6100” in the fulltext search in the history of movements of list of payments in your internet or mobile banking to see the relevant transactions.

Attention! To read special information for clients with a changed account number, please follow THIS LINK

Foreign currency accounts

Card payments

After 14 November, the payment card will be functional for the CZK account only. However, you can apply for a free new card in Raiffeisen banking for your foreign currency accounts (the currencies remain on the accounts). The following examples show what options you have.

Honza keeps a EUR account only. Nothing changes for him and he doesn't have to do anything.Karel holds an account in CZK and USD. After 14 November, he will have a separate account for each currency. Thus, he will apply for a new payment card to his USD account in Raiffeisenbank banking.Jitka has an account in CZK and USD, but wants to have just one card for both accounts. After 14 November, she activates another currency on her account for 29 CZK per month.

 After 14 November, incoming foreign currency payments must be directed to the account with Raiffeisen banking details (BIC / SWIFT, IBAN).

How your services changed in November


Things that remain the same
  • Account maintenance and withdrawals from ATMs in Czechia and abroad will be still free of charge.

  • Also, Apple Pay and Google Wallet mobile payments will work the way you are used to. 

  • Nothing changes in respect of instant payments.

  • Fees for payments remain unchanged.

  • We will transfer your standing orders with your current settings.

  • Your savings account will be set up according to the terms agreed with Equa bank, transferred to us without any changes. 

Things that change
  • A new mobile banking application will be available to you.
  • Unfortunately, your current notification settings are not transferred from the old application. However, you can conveniently and quickly set them up again.
  • On 14 November 2022, you will be able to use a new bank code 5500. For a period of 6 months, both the original bank code 6100 and the new bank code 5500 will be valid. We will assist you with the change.
Something extra
    • A better interest rate might be applied to your savings account.

    • You will benefit from a wider network of branch offices and 130 deposit ATMs.


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