Do you need money to grow your business? Do you plan to invest, or do you want to secure operating financing? We have an interesting offer for you.

Business Overdraft - Podnikatelský kontokorent

In business, there are moments when you need a large amount, e.g. to replenish inventory or to buy material at a discount. Such situations will not catch you unawares with Kontokorentní úvěr. You always have money at your disposal.

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Instalment loan – Investiční úvěr

Do you need money to develop your business? Would you like to furnish your office, expand production, or buy new machinery? You can use our Investiční úvěr to finance long-term investments in your business or operations.

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Instalment loan – Neúčelový úvěr

Do you need money to develop your business? Would you like to transfer it directly to your account without documenting the purpose? The Neúčelový úvěr will meet your needs.

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Loans secured by the ČMZRB

Would you like to invest in your business? Do you need a large amount of money and cannot or do not want to use your property as security? We have someone who will guarantee your business loan.

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Refinancing for entrepreneurs

Are your expenses unnecessarily high because you are paying off several loans at several banks? Are you repaying a loan with an unfavourable interest rate or high fees? Would you like to lengthen the repayment period or get a higher financing limit? Consolidate your loans with us.

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Business Mortgage Loan – Americká hypotéka

Would you like a quick, general-purpose loan without unnecessary paperwork? Do you need a large amount of money quickly to avoid missing out on a great business opportunity? Our Americká hypotéka is a solution 

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Financing vehicles

Are you interested in the advantageous and fast financing of a vehicle, or would you like to secure the complete operation of your corporate fleet? Specialists from our subsidiary Raiffeisen Leasing will prepare a solution tailored to your requirements.  

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