Business Overdraft - Podnikatelský kontokorent

In business, there are moments when you need quick money to replenish inventory or to buy material at a discount. With Business Overdraft - Podnikatelský kontokorent you will always have enough money available.

  • You only use the money you need
  • If you do not use the loan, you do not pay any interest
  • You only pay interest on the part of the loan that you are using
  • In most cases, it is not necessary to repay the loan even once a year

Product information

Use Business Overdraft - Podnikatelský kontokorent  if you have to deal with unforeseen expenses in your business. The money is always available, and you maintain the reputation of a business person who pays their obligations on time.

  • A loan of up to CZK 3 million unsecured by property in most cases
  • Free business insurance against the risk of death for any reason and against permanent disability due to an accident

We will approve the Podnikatelský kontokorent
for entrepreneurs and set the overdraft limit free of charge. Whenever you need money, you can simply pay directly from your account. If you are not using the account, you do not pay anything extra.